Trausch Insurance Agency LTD
Chicago, Illinois



Trausch Insurance Company was founded by George Seidel after the World War I, offered a service to the legal profession on all court related
bonds with a concentration in the field of Probate. As business flourished, Charles Novak was added as a junior partner after the World War II.
Upon George Seidel's retirement in 1967, Lawrence F. Trausch was added to the business. In 1978, after the untimely passing of Mr. Novak,
Larry Trausch formally incorporated the business as Trausch Insurance Agency Ltd. After 2 decades at the helm, Stephen P Conlon,
Larry's son in law was brought on Since the death of Larry in January of 1998, Stephen has run the business.
Trausch Insurance underwrites for Liberty Mutual Insurance and Travelers Casualty Insurance.


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